Photo: Tuomo Hutri


New showreel!


I´ve been flying drones since 2014. I´ve done aerial shots for feature films (Miami, Lauri Mäntyvaaran tuuheet ripset, Veljeni vartija), TV Series (Syke, Roba, Hotel Swan, Jättekiva season 2, Advokaten season 2), commercials and documentaries for Selma Vilhunen, Mia Halme and Joonas Berghäll. I can handle the whole equipment myself, a DoP can operate the camera head if preferred, or an operator can be hired.

DoP´s that I have mostly done airborne shots for: Tuomo Hutri, Kjell Lagerroos, Hena Blomberg, Tuomo Virtanen, Daniel Lindholm, Mika Orasmaa, Jean-Noel Mustonen.

Latest work:

People we come across - documentary

-Tokmanni Joulu

-Billebeino (I also DP´d)

-Red Carpet Festivaalielokuva 2019

-SRV Loisto

-Snellman Superior Roadtrip

-Roba - kausi 4



Here´s my old showreel:

Showreel 2016



-DJI Inspire 2

-Backup body - DJI Inspire 2

Zenmuse X7 -super 35-camera

-DJI X7 DL 16mm/24mm/35mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lenses

-6K Cinema DNG Raw, 6K Prores Raw

-5,2K Prores 4444(no alpha), 5,2K Prores 422HQ

-Zenmuse X5S - Micro 3/4-camera

-Olympus 15mm 1.8 Lens (equivalent to 30mm)

-5,2K DNG Raw / Prores 444


Photo: Casper Pfitzner


DJI Phantom 4 Professional/DJI Mavic Air/DJI FPV. They are great tools in hard access-locations and recce purposes.

Photo: Mia Halme, Benin, Africa


On the left: myself operating the drone, on the right: Franscisco Mattos catching the drone, Svalbard